I could not update yesterday. Not because I did not have anything but I did not have the time. Well the parrot I am looking after, started liking me too much that she wanted to have a taste of me!!!!! She started biting my ears and initially it was ticklish but later she started biting hard. I had to put her into her cage and she had a time out the whole day yesterday for her bad behaviour.
I was feeling bad for doing that . Therefore I created a layout with her picture. Will upload soon. The layout was part of Chris W’s challenge in debscreations.net.au Rules are to use circles or squares or any shape with a diameter of not more than an inch! Seemed difficult initially. So made a card first but then I stuck with an idea yesterday looking at Tinky the parrot’s photo and instantly started making one.

I also made another layout from a sketch on stucksketches. I just loved the basic Grey’s Urban Couture collection. Wish I had some more of it.

What else did I do yesterday. Aaaa I spent some money shopping in salvation army preparing for this weekend’s Uproar2scrapmore cyber crop challenge. Bought a Vinyl LP and then found some crochet stuff and lace too. So picked them up. You know there will always be some extra stuff to buy other than what we intend to buy!!!!!!!!!

On the way back I saw some very nice blue thread work on white tops in Kmart. I will probably buy some today. I love the white tops, just goes with anything. Kmart stuff is not too good but ok to wear for one season summer. I do not mind. Will have a look in other shops as well. Problem is everything in every shop looks nice.
My SIL bought me a very nice pale pink parsley design dress in US. I have to buy a bolero for it. I am on a lookout for a good pale pink or white bolero… Do not know when and where I will get it.

Got to go now. Will load some more pictures tonight. Time for lunch!!!

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