I loooove the shimmer effect

I have just discovered the shimmering effect of Glimmer mist. I absolutely love it now. Will be great for tags, cards and even scrap pages.

I used it on one of my pages yesterday. You know when you receive a new thing, you will want to use it immediately lol lol!!. Yup, I just used it on the scrap page I just finished and I love the shimmer effect it gave to the page. Great product.

I am making a tag as well and it so shiny.. Cool. It can be layered too and love the effect if give when blended and layered. Very cool Very cool. Here is the layout. Enjoy!!




OOOOOO!!! Tracey’s RAK arrived and I am all excited to use them

OOOO!!!!!!! I am all excited. Yesterday I received Tracey’s RAK . It was for winning one of the cybercrop challenge at uproar2scrapmore.com.au Tracey, I love all of them you sent. Thank you so much. Inspires me to make a 2009 calender now!!

So girls, pop into uproar2scrapmore.com.au and you can participate in monthly challenges, cybercrops, sketch challenges, learn more techniques and win prizes too. So pop in and check it out.


Diwali today Yay!!!!!

Today is our Diwali day. The festival of lights. Wish I was in India because it is such a big festival celebrated with a feast, plenty of sweets, new clothes, fireworks and of course a public holiday.
It is like any other day here especially one of our friend in hospital, the little celebrations we planned is cancelled.

I am planning to cook up something special this evening, light up few candles and wear new clothes. But still it is not the same as at home… sad.
Anyway, Happy Diwali to everybody (cheerfully smiling)
One more layout coming up tonight. Stay tuned

Oh, forgot, my friend has woken up and is conscious now. All his tubes will be removed by the end of the day. It is a miracle or should say rebirth for him because we lost him for more than 15 minutes on friday. Nice to hear he is awake, alert and recovering. Thanks for all the prayer girls.


There one good news regarding my friend at the hospital. He woke up early this morning upon command and was able to recognise his wife. Thats a very very good thing. His cognitive functioning is ok. But docs have sedated him to give him some rest. Hope his other body functions are also restored. A big sigh of relief for us.
Thanks for all those who included him in your prayers. I appreciate it very much.


Some sad news for me over the weekend.

I had some sad news over the weekend. One of our friend who was driving from a nearby town which was about 4 hours away, had a heart attack on the way. He drove for another 50 kms to reach a small town for medical help. By the time he reach the town, he was in a very serious condition that he was flown to Perth and is now on life support. It is very very sad because he came over to my house couple of weeks ago for tea. We all had a nice time and he was a great support when we moved into this town. His condition is still very very critical. We do not know what if going to happen to him. He has a wife and a 10 year old son and his mother here too. We need some serious prayers for him to wake up. So please pray for him.

All my plans to sit to scrap over the weekend is postpond at the moment. But I managed to make one layout. Here it is for you


A new sketch and a layout!!

You all know I am a big fan of sketches.

This time I got a very lovely one from http://roadmaps.aussiepubcalls.com.au. Very simple and flexible one. You would love to do too.. Give it a try.

I could not resist seeing this one. I sat to make it.

Took just one hour???????/ mmmmmm not really half an hour to dry the Kindy Glitz. So just half an hour.
I used bright colors, and some bling (kindy Glitz) on it as well. I like how it turned out.



Another LO I loved making………

This is the last of the blinkie challenge in debscreations. This time there was sketch and few rules.

Rules are
1. Use at least 3 or more photos

2. Use 3 different PP or card stock

3. 2 or more word title with the word “NEW” in it.
4. 3 different embellishment

5. at least 2 line journaling

I love the Rosa Moka Pattern papers. So bright and funky. So I decided to use just one of them. Rest I am having them, not using them!!lol!!! I loooooooooooo them so much I want to keep them under my pillow when I sleep lol!!!!

Anyway, I am into this curling the paper as well. So I have curled the paper, hand drew the border. I also used felt under the green PP. But i also stitched the felt edges with yellow thread to give it a border and it will show up more. Embellies are simple just to give more focus on the photos and PP.

I used my DD’s new hairdo pictures. She loves long hair and inspite of swimming and knots she is determined to keep it. So I gave her a new hairdo of curls and layering her hair. She is so proud of her hair. I love her hair too.
Let me stop bragging. So this is my layout. I am very happy with the layout.


Passion… Fruit…Creeper

Well, there is a story behind the passionfruit creeper in my house.

When we moved in to the housecouple of years ago, the backyard was over grown with this creeper. We did not know what this creeper was. Thought it could be Wisteria!!The leaves resembled Wisteria.

The backyard was so dark and dirty with fallen leaves. We decided to chop it off. I chopped it till the lowest of the trunk. Left the root because I had no more strength to do anymore chopping. Hoping I will keep nipping off the new shoots and keep it at bay. What an idea! But this creeper started to sprout every other place, between my vegie garden. So annoying but I kept chopping them off. Not giving up easily. How dare you? I used to literally fight with the creeper!!

Anyway, during winter we decided to not to grow anything in the small patch. But this creeper is one adamant, persistant plant that it just sprouted again and grew very fast sucking all the compost I put into the soil. Grrrrrrrr! The leaves were so like wisteria that we read some information on Wisteria and decided to leave it to grow. Wisteria’s flowers are so beautiful and fragrant.

But to our disappointment, the flowers were different. Although, it was very pretty and fragrant, it was not Wisteria. My DS took some pictures of the flower with his tiny point and shoot camera. I decided to put one of the photo up in my blog to see if any of you know what it is?

Fortunately after a few days, ChrisW in her comments said that it could be Passion Fruit. AND…. Yes, Is it passion fruit. What a Surprise? My DH loves passionfruit. I hate it! So we are keeping it for now to see if it will give some fruits.

So girls, this is the story behind the Passion Fruit Creeper at my home. Will load more photos of the flower and creeper tonight.
Enjoy the rest of the day.