Beautiful day……

Its a beautiful day today.

Not in the sense of fine day with plenty of sunshine and pleasant cool weather

but a nice cloudy and rainy day.

I love warm cloudy and rainy days in summer especially after a hot spell!!

All the trees looks gorgeous and completely soaked.

Love how the bark becomes dark and leaves get washed and

become shiny with little drops of rain water still dripping.

Red soil is nice and wet adds superb contrast to the green trees.

Little puddle of water here and there.

Calm streets, traffic is less, people are driving slow….

Love it Love it!!!

There is still some thunder and lightening and it pours and stops and then pours.

I am sitting near the window and watching the rain, with a cup of hot tea.

What could be better?

I was disappointed yesterday. Had applied for a DT position but did not get it.

I was so hopeful of getting it and…..Anyway, its like pouring cold water on hot metal.

It only make the metal stronger and not destroy it!!!

My friend Sharon has passed on an award for my blog. I will load it later today,

Thanks Sharon, very sweet of you.

No layouts today as I am going to have a lovely time scrapping and chatting

with my friend Tracey this afternoon.

I promise there will be some photos and layouts tomorrow.

I am off to the gym to workout.

I have also organised for next week, school starts, I restart work.

But I have rescheduled my work timings

so that I get 2 days completely off to workout and organise the house as well.

Have put on some weight over the holidays and is slowing me down.

Moreover, my sugar levels have gone up!!

Obesity is not a good thing with a strong family history of diabetes,is it?

So no snacks and workout to get back my energy and maintain my ideal weight!

Got to go, kids are all ready to leave for their music lessons.

Drop them off and I am off to workout Yay!!!

Catch you all later.


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