Got tagged!!!

The wonderful Nat Williams has tagged me.
What to do? Here it is:
Go into your “My pictures” folder
Go to folder no 6 and choose the 6th photo in that folder
Put the photo on your blog, and tell your readers about it
Challenge 6 others by comments on their blog to do the same.

OK here I go……. Off to see the 6th folder and the 6th photo!!

This picture of Siddarth and Aditi in Tasmania in the year 2003
Look at them… Tiny and cute.

Thanks Nat.

Now these ladies below have to take up this challenge

Chris W
Lisa K

Can’t wait to see whats in you 6th folder. Hehehe (evil laugh!!)


4 thoughts on “Got tagged!!!”

  1. Hi Gayatri,honey I’ve been tagged already with the 6th photo back on feb 2nd and tagged you then..sorry should have let you know…it was Denver on his 2nd birthday!


  2. hey G…i have been tagged too…a while ago…think i tagged you as well…will have to check, maybe i didn’t…so i will cheat a little and put my 6th from folder 16 …cute pickie by the way…xxx


  3. Hi Gay, Great pic of the kiddies,they are so little! Is it me (Sharon) who you have picked to do the 6th from the 6th? Let me know if it is and I will play along.I might have to pick the 6th folder from the bottom of my files as I have done this before but I want to play along again!! Luv Shaz xoxo


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