I am a SAHM from next week!

Morning everybody,

Finally, school restarted. kids are at school. They are happy and I am happy too.

And the good news is I am a stay at home mom from next week. Yay!!! I finally got the confidence not to renew my contract for the crap part time job I have been doing for past 2 years.I have organised myself into doing a lot more things at home and for kids. I so looking forward to next week.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I won Lisa’s challenge at Debs cybercrop. Yay!!

Its the “Life is a scrapbook-Creative and Unique” layout.You can find it below in my recent Cybercrop share post. Was a surprise but thrilled about it.


Not much of scrapbooking to share today. I have cleaned the table. Mojo has gone away after my computer died on me.I have a good photo to scrap but need the mojo and coordinating papers.So will make a few sketches.A good sketch is my mojo finder.Watch out my sketch blog tonight.

Until then


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