I had a great weekend!!!

Hey everybody,

Monday morning! we drove back from Perth last night. we were not sure if we would make it to Perth on the weekend. After a cancellation of a workshop on friday night, we decided we will just go. So packed everything in a hurry and then just drove down on friday. We are so happy we went.We had the most amazing weekend.
First of all, I got to meet my friends from Challenge Chics. Lisa had come from Gold Coast to Perth to see her Aunt and therefore I wanted to meet her. Then I also met the beautiful Chris, the gorgeous Karina and the awesome Sarah. We had lunch and we chatted. Loved it. Wish I had more time with them. I should say, my husband was so kind to come with me and also shepherd the kids while I had fun. So I could not keep them waiting for long. Anyway, look what my friends got me.

They are gorgeous. Thank you so much Chris and Lisa.

And I gave them these.

There are various color 3 x 3 note cards inside these covers. Now, the ” JUST FOR YOU” stamp on the top of the sets are from the new mini catalogue. I have used the scalloped punch that coordinate with the stamp here too to give the 3D effect.
Aren’t they perfect. there are more gorgeous sets available in the New Mini. watch out for the New Mini catalogue on August 1st.

On saturday evening, we met more friends and had an awesome time with them, eating yummy food. we went to a resturant and we were 18 of us. Imagine the noise level from our table.
On Sunday, we drove to meet the parents of a medical student who was in Kalgoorlie on her elective. They have a farm and OMG! I really fell in love with the place. So much space!!! Plenty of garden. Her father loves gardening and he has planted to many fruit trees and veggie patch. Such a lovely family, Siddarth had a ride on the mawing tractor and did not want to let go of it. Aditi was running wild with two dogs and jumping on the trampline. They had so much fun. Of course, we had another lovely home cooked food. Talked so much.
Then off to do another work and to indian shop, loaded our car with groceries and drove back home. Such an awesome trip. we are so glad we made it. we look forward to these short trips.
Now back home with a suitcase of clothes to wash and a house to clean. But such is life.

Thanks for stopping by and reading to my long weekend story.


1 thought on “I had a great weekend!!!”

  1. Gayatri – I am SO glad I got to meet you and am so appreciative that you made that huge drive!!!!

    I loved having lunch and getting to meet you face to face!!!!


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