Long time no see

Hey everybody,

Its been a long time!!!! Thats how I feel. Goodness me! moving is stressful.
Yes, I have moved house and had to pack and unpack and just about settled in the new house.
I am loving all the extra space. Just love the backyard and have extra personal space as well.
It took a week to get everything connected back and the internet just got connected.
Wow! those extra nagging calls helps really!
So I will back in full swing again. Have a I missed anything?
I have missed you all a lot. Can’t wait to get into making stuff.
Missed it a lot. Mojo has to return as well.

Weekend is very busy. Last weekend Aditi won second prize for her Piano solo.
This weekend is Siddarth’s turn. He has been working hard on his guitar.
He has solo as well as group.I am busy with all preparations.
So I will be back by Monday with new posts.

See you all then.


3 thoughts on “Long time no see”

  1. We missed you too Gayatri!!! Would have loved having you over here in QLD at the Retreat!!!
    Can't wait to see pic's of the new house!!! And Congrats again to Aditi and All the Best Siddarth for this weekend's guitar solo!! Luv Shaz xoxo


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