At the Esteddford

Hey everybody,

Sunday was one awesome day for us. Kids had their esteddford and they did well. Siddarth won his Guitar solo under 12 and also the over outstanding fretted strings player trophy. Yay!! He was awesome on his guitar. He played a hard piece of music by AR Rahman (Indian music composer) and Waltz. He played just beautiful. All his hard work practising showed. But in the morning, he was also the most fretting person at home. All tensed lol!!! Poor chap.

Aditi of course won her second place in Piano couple of weeks ago and this week she played with Sid in agroup performance and they won the third place. Sid also one third place in another group performance.
We are proud of their achievement. Great work kids.

Here are some photo to share.

No scrapbooking or cardmaking share today. But will share some tomorrow.
Until then…
have a great day


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