Hey everybody,

Nice day outside and I am free of my Migraine. I think I took the brufen a tad bit late. It just carried on until last night and this morning, it is like ta… da… I am fresh and free of migraine.Feels very nice. Now I have heaps of work to do. All saved up from yesterday. But I do like the calmness around me at the moment. I have the online radio on at the background and no other chatter around me. I am enjoying it too.
Since I am far away from my home, it hard to keep up with the music, fashion and other cultural things going on in India. The internet is an awesome way to keep up. I hear all the latest bollywood songs on the online radio and enjoy some old melodies as well.We bought this Magic Sing karoke set where there are good Hindi and Tamil songs to sing along with an awesome collection of English songs. My husband and myself enjoy singing together. lol! Much to kids annoyance. So much fun when its our bad singing which annoys the kids. lol!!!
I miss the glam and glitter of Indian dresses. Today, I am going to open up my suitcases with saries and salwaars and probably try and wear them. Saries need constant refolding as silk saries will tear on the fold crease. It will bring back some memories of my collage days and festive days. Glad I am going to India for a holiday soon.

As I had told you previously that I am doing a project on a sketch book to take along with me.
The inspiration came from Kristina Werner’s card sketchbook.
Here is the finished Sketch book


The templates for the pages can be downloaded from her blog as well.
I can now take this and draw sketches while I am sitting on the plane and getting bored and anxious.

To dress the book, I have used Kraft cardstock, Chocolate chip cardstock, Bling brads, ribbons and Parisian Breeze DSP from Stampin’ Up! Cardstock alpha stickers and corner black bling.

Now all I have to do is fill it up with sketches.I think I should really get up and do the chores. Its already 11.00am. OK see you all.
Have a nice day!


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  1. wow, that sketch book is a fabulous idea. i have a little book like that i use to write down things to learn for uni….and it gets quite full!

    hope it keeps you inspired!


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