3-D, PTI

Bird House

Hi, Its a hot sunday morning. Slept in and just having breakfast. I thought I will blog this before I start my day. I made this last evening. Nicole Heady’s blog has some awesome projects and free templates to download and make. I wanted to make all of them but started with the birdhouse box. Here it is.


I took a while to get the settings right for the printer to print on the cardstock and then ended up not printing a tiny bit at the beginning. I, therefore traced the front of the template again on the cardstock, cut it out and glued it on the front. Therefore I was also able to score the cardstock and get some extra dimension.I decorated it using some tiny flowers on the window planter. In Nicole’s tutorial, she has not glued the roof on to the house. So its more like a box. She has a packet of seeds in them. I decided to glue the roof because I wanted to hang them. It was tricky. Took a while to stick together.Maybe for the next one, I will use brads to hold the roof to the house base.I think it could make a nice Christmas ornament too when made using Red and Green combination. One birdhouse for each family on the tree!

Check out more free projects and templates on her blog.

Have a great weekend.

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