Papertrey Blog Hop

Hi everybody,
This is my first time I have participated in the PTI blog hop.I made the cards and envelope as soon as I saw the advert for the blog hop. I live in Australia so I also worked out the time difference between American EST and Australian WST. Its about 13 hours difference. I think I am correct about it. I checked with the “” website. I then scheduled the post so that I don’t forget.
Here are my pictures of the set of 2 cards and coordinating envelopes I made for the blog hop.
The above picture shows inside of one card and the outside of the other card.

Here are the two cards with the coordinating envelopes
Above is the closeups of the envelopes. Below are some more closeups of the cards.

I made this scalloped circle scrunched flower using Dawn Mcvey’s tutorial. Thanks Dawn!

 I loved the tip Nicole gave for using double sided sticky tape for glitter. I have used the tip on my card (see the picture above). Thanks Nicole!

Here is the entire set. 2 cards, the interior of the cards done up and also the envelopes.All products used to make this project are from PTI except the envelopes, twine thread and pearls.
 Thanks for the opportunity. I throughly enjoyed making them.
Have a great day!

52 thoughts on “Papertrey Blog Hop”

  1. I'm hopping a little later than normal! Your project is AWESOME! I can see the Dawn McVey style totally rocking with that fab layout and gorgeous flower!


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