Thanks for your patience…

Ok, I am in a “Wanting Change” phase. So instead of changing the position of my furnitures at home, I choose to change my blog background. I generally go into this phase often. My husband comes home to a huge change which he sometimes likes and sometimes not. This time I did not want to shock him.
Therefore adopted to change the blog background and learn how to workout certain feature in the blogger. I started off with changing the blog background. I love the stretch as I can utilize the entire space on the webpage. Then my photos can be big and better. My previous blog background had darker colors. A change to pastel colors was eye pleasing. This blog has great templates. Love it and thank you for the free templates.My husband saw it and then suggested to hide most of my post and add “read more” link so upon clicking, the full post shows up. After some research and learning through browsing, I learned that blogger already had “Jump break” which is easy to use. Not much HTML code change required except a small bit as I am using customised template. That was easy. So my blog must have looked wonky. I sincerely thank you for all your patience today.Please extend your patience tomorrow as well, I still have one more addition on my blog to make. I want to add page numbers towards the end for easy navigation.
I hope you like the changes and hope its not too difficult for you to navigate.Would like to hear your feedback too.Thanks once again!Tomorrow I have two cards to share. So keep visiting 🙂

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