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October Papertrey Blog Hop

Another month has come and nearly gone. Cannot believe its already 25th of October. But the exciting thing that happens every 25th is PTI’s blog hop.

This month’s theme is

There is always a lot of focus on Christmas in our industry this time of year, as that is what the majority
of the population celebrates.  However, this month’s blog hop is dedicated to those that celebrate winter
holidays other than Christmas.  Create a project that celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or some other
winter holiday as we embrace everyone’s beliefs in a celebration of diversity through paper crafting.

I decided to make a card for my PTI forum friend Noora as she will be celebrating Eid in November. Its exciting to make a card for Eid as I don’t celebrate Eid.  This the first Eid card I have ever made. Did some research on the festival to be honest as I knew very little about it.  Without any further delay, here is the card.

Hope I picked the right colors, Noora! And  I kept the sentiment general on the outside. I like the way the card turned out. I hope you like it, Noora!  Ted, the green is Hunter’s Green. I was reminded of you when I was making the card. I am loving the color now. Will definitely buy PTI’s  Pinefeather Green cardstock in my next order.
Now, this month’s theme is very interesting and I want to see what everbody else has made.
Happy Hopping!


23 thoughts on “October Papertrey Blog Hop”

  1. WOW, SOO pretty!! so beautiful!! LOVE IT..I am screaming by the way!! love the colors, there are no specific colors for Eid, so anything is cool, thank you Gayatri!


  2. This is fantastic! I love all the stars and your layering of colors make them pop. Love the glitter and how nicely it is applied. It's all very festive. Noora will love it!!


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