My craft space!

Hello everybody, 
I don’t know about you but my Sunday and Monday flew very quickly. After Sunday afternoon lunch, life just took over and in a blink of an eye, its Monday evening. Hopefully everything will slow down now. I took some pictures of my craft space and a few cards and was able to edit them just now.
Unfortunately, I could not take pictures of my Sunday lunch and the dessert (which I had promised to show in the past post) because it was all gone by the time I could bring my camera!!! lol! Kids were hungry after they came back from swimming and within minutes all food were gone. 
But I have a picture of my craft space. I don’t have a room to myself as its a large study and my DD, my DH and myself share the room. My husband has his office, I have my craft space and my daughter has her piano in there. So here is a picture of my side of the room
Its a bit messy at the moment. Most things are within reachable distance. I bought these IKEA ALEX drawers recently. They are great and fits all my stamps, punches, embossing powders, adhesives…… There is so much space in those drawers. Love it! Next IKEA purchase will be the desk with ALEX!
Can you see my frame high up on the wall? Yes, thats the one I showed on my previous post. I have to make another similar one and hang it below this one. So its work in progress 🙂 I used to have a display canvas up there on which I displayed my cards but I wanted a change. So I took it down and put up the frame instead.
I also have a cupboard on the righthand side which has more stash in it. So thats pretty much my craft space. I don’t have much as I sold a lot recently. I used to be a scrapbooker before I converted to cardmaker. So I had a lot of pattern papers and embellishments. I used to get lost in the huge pile of stash but I am more in control with what I have.  Anyway, this is my first post on my craft space. Hopefully in a few months time, when my new house is built, I can have a craft space which I intend to make it organised and coordinated 🙂
Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

6 thoughts on “My craft space!”

  1. Such a wonderful space to work and craft in..Love those big drawers!
    p.s. you've got to teach me how you create that frame around each of your looks super..


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