Interesting weekend!

I so wanted to tell you about the interesting weekend I had. My parents are here with me and we planned to drive them down to a coastal town called Esperance. Its a beautiful town with shallow turquoise beaches and white squeeky sand. A great place to getaway and relax if we ever want a break. Now we are six of us and we could not get a car hire which will accomodate all of us. So we drove in two cars. Kids were with me and parents with my DH. It was a 400kms exhausting drive one way.  We reached on Friday night. Settled into the apartment resort, had dinner and went to bed straight away. At 2.00 AM in the morning, the fire alarm goes off!!!! Disoriented, we pick up our handbags/wallet and the keys and rush out. The firemen took half an hour to come. But by then, nothing happened. No smoke, no fire, nothing!  There were atleast 10 families waiting for the firemen to give us the all clear. By then we knew it was a false alarm. We then went in to sleep but the men in the next apartment were arguing and swearing. Gosh!  atleast 6 to 10 swear words in a sentence?  We could hear it all! So inappropriate for kids. We had to knock on the wall and shut them down. 
In the morning, when we went to complain about them and we discovered they were the one who broke the fire alarm in a drunken fight. And to top it all they too evacuated and stood with all of us at night waiting for the firmen to arrive and give all clear. Not a word that they did the deed! We were so angry! But fortunately they were charged and kicked out of the apartment resort!
This was the first time for me with the real firealarm going off. I have done fire drills at work and school but this was totally different. I was actually scared that the entire apartment resort was going to go up in flames. My parents panicked! Kids were disoriented. So there goes my night sleep!!!!
Exhausted and tired in the morning, we went  for a cruise. Well, guess what? I am not sea worthy at all. I was sea sick and had a terrible time for the rest of the day, while rest of them had a great time 😦   Then, in the morning we went to an animal farm and later drove back. While nearing my town, I had colorful lights flashed and stopped by the police. I was like, Nooo now what? I was speeding! Gosh, by how much?  Just 3 kms. I know I should have been careful. I felt worse than ever. I was heading towards 110 sign from 90 and so was accelerating. No excuse at all I know 😦 Thankfully the policemen gave me a warning only. So relieved, I reached home and slept peacefully that night. Monday was a day to recover and back to the routine now.
I told you, my weekend was interesting and eventful and exhausting!!!!  I wanted to share it with you all. Especially, how scary it was to be stopped by the police 😦 First time for me 🙂 Certainly a weekend to remember for the rest of my life 🙂 I have always felt sad leaving that town and get back home to the routine but this time I felt like all I wanted was to get back home and into the routine. Thankfully my parents enjoyed the trip. Never have I rambled so much. Feels good having let it all out. Thanks for reading and listening:)
Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Interesting weekend!”

  1. Gayatri, that does sound like “One of those” trips. It is nice that your parents are visiting you. That is always fun. 🙂 Have fun!!


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