For teachers…

I made a pack of 4  teachers cards. This is one of my set for the upcoming school fete. I am trying to get organised and plan ahead for the fete. So I made a few items over the weekend. a frame deco, some bookmarks and this card set. 

I basically used Papertrey Ink’s “School Time” stamp set to make this card. I love love the chalkboard effect – the white ink on black cardstock! Just perfect for teachers, I think!  That medal image is Nina Brackett’s “Life is a carnival” stamp set. Love the set and I have to make a few more teacher’s card set. Hopefully tomorrow!
I wil also share the frame deco I made. Its so pretty. I love it. My camera batteries are down and I have put them for charging. So once they are ready to go, I will take pictures and share. Until then, have a great day!

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