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Beware! Lot and lots of photos

Yup, I have lots and lots of photos to show you. Firstly I made a set of cards using Mehindi Medallion and Think Big Favourites #5 from Papertrey Ink.

Loving the simple design and the colors. I used the “teacher” stamp from Teacher’s Apple also from Papertrey Ink. It was difficult to take photos because of this guy trying to climb on me! So the cards in my photos are all facing different directions lol! I just have to quickly snap shots or else I will have probably dropped my expensive camera. Here he sits beautifully for photographs like a cute, obedient puppy!

This little guy is 10 weeks today! He is very delightful, lightning fast and very quick learner. We have had him for only two weeks and he has already learned to sit upon command, similarly drop, stay and wait until his food is put in his tray and say you can eat now 🙂 Love love sitting on my feet. Loves licking my  moisturizing cream off my face lol!!! I wonder why we put off getting a dog for so long. Love him 🙂
Anyway, have a great day! 
See ya soon 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Beware! Lot and lots of photos”

  1. The cards are amazing, but the photos of Charlie took my heart away!! he is soo adorable..these cute puppy pics everywhere are breaking my resolve on pic at a time..
    Thanks for such wonderful pics!!


  2. I love all your cards! These teacher cards are especially charming as is your cutie puppy! I do have a question though, do you make the actual card part too, or do you have blanks? What about envelopes? I love making cards but then I have trouble finding envelopes so I end up making them too…



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