Cleaned craft room ( long post)

The whole of yesterday, I cleaned my craft room. Silly me! I did not take the before photos. But these are after photos. Earlier, the desk used to sit against the wall but I changed the layout of it because I wanted to sit between the desk and the cupboard  so I can access both the desk and things from the cupboard easily. The cupboard is on the right side on the photo. No coordinating furnitures because I am moving to Perth next year and will buy coordinating furnitures for my new craft room in my new house in Perth. I have just cleaned and rearranged what I have.

This is my new light tent below. As you can see, I still haven’t fixed any lights. In the process of settng fixing them but the sunlight is good at the moment and photos are turning out good. There is a sewing machine ready to go but I am lazy to use it 😦

These are the two shelves inside the cupboard where I store my craft supplies.All labeled for me to find where is what. I have two big boxes of alterables. I need to go through them and make use of them!

This is my son. He wanted to be in the photo and so here he is lol! He loved my new layout and wanted to move his bed here and use it as his desk. Mummy can we exchange room? No! I cannot bear to rearrange and clean every thing all over again!

Chase him off and you can see him behind the desk lol! My desk has inks and glues. The cardstocks are inside the file drawer below. The IKEA Alex draws has PTI stamps, embossing powder, punches, flowers, bigger dies….

The smaller Alex drawer has the extra adhesives, acrylic blocks, more stamps, rhinestone, copics and other things.

This is my diecutting table. At the moment I have the bigshot with a twisted handle but works. The box next to it has the smaller plates and embossing mats. The white box has the smaller dies and the box with blue lid has the larger dies. I still need to find a better way to store my dies. I cannot find any magnetic sheets in Kalgoorlie. So will have to wait until I get to Perth to get that sorted out.

This is a wall art I made using papers and glimmer mist. I was inspired by a huge wall decor at the Ridges Hotel in Perth? They were made of iron and rusted. I wanted to get that rustic effect on paper and kind of achieved it, I think! I love it! What do you think?

These are pattern papers which needs sorting. I like a few of them but rest to be disposed.

This is what I have started doing to some of the pattern papers I like. I cut them to fit a card base. So next time I don’t have to spend time picking papers and then cutting them. I am planning to also precut some card base in neutral colors.I got the idea from Danielle Daws. Thanks Danielle!

My craft desk is very inviting and so want to do some cards but I have to make 500 Gulab Jamuns for the school fete. I better get started. Catch you all later today! Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Cleaned craft room ( long post)”

  1. Love the wall hanging that you've made. It does look like rusted iron. Beautiful!!! And of course, there's nothing like a clean desk to spark creativity, right. Now I am inspired to go clean my desk (which is a pig sty right now). Oink!


  2. your room looks great! i looked on google earth for about where you live now and where you will be moving….looks like a big change!! I also google the Gulab Jamun…looks delicious!! have fun in your new space…oh yeah…love the wall art too!! beautiful:)


  3. What a great space Gayatri! I wish I had that much room, mine is so small. Where did you get the white boxes on your desk that are stacked on top of each other? I have been looking for something like that that will fit my PTI CD cases in.


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