Fun Frame Decor!

Yesterday I was cutting all my old pattern papers into the panels of 5.25 X 4 inches size and among the pile of papers, I found some diecut sheets from Kraft Knuts. They are very old diecut sheets and the diecuts looked so cute. So I stopped cutting panels (dropping off one task to do another! Umm!) and played with the diecuts. I made a few cards as a gift set and also this frame.

 I love the big tree and the rustic look of the whole frame. I think it will make a nice bedside table piece in any child’s room. I crazy about making these frames lol! I have a pile of frames under my table which needs to be done.  I saw beautiful pink ornate frames in the TYPO shop in Perth for $5 and I am cross with myself for not buying them. Hope they have a website that I can go through and buy from….
Woke up again at 4.30 AM this morning and its 9.30 AM at the moment and I am sleepy. I need to have a power nap to get through the rest of the day. Thankfully I am not working today. Got to nap now.
See ya soon…

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5 thoughts on “Fun Frame Decor!”

  1. Your frame ideas are all wonderful! I've been enjoying them and always curious at what your next frame project will be. Thanks for the creative inspiration!


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