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Gilded Lily Award

I am going to brag today because I am given the rights to unlimited bragging (giggle). I saw a few comments congratulating me on my win at Lily Pads Blog. So I went over to the blog and scrolled down. I saw my card and I don’t know what came upon me that I closed the page. I think I didn’t expect it as a winner and also it has been sometime since I made this card. After a few minutes, I went back to the blog and re read it again. I am honoured and humbled that this card of mine is picked as a winner 🙂 
Thank you so much.
Thank You card
I also get a $25 gift certificate fro Purple Onions Designs. This will be my first buy from them. I have seen a few fantastic projects made using their stamps. Very excited. Cannot wait to choose some of their stamps 🙂
I did promise to blog about my opinion on The Hunger Games Movie today. It has been a busy and long day. I am hoping after dinner I will get sometime with my laptop to blog. So hopefully another blog post coming soon 🙂
See you soon!

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