THG and a card

Ok, I watched The Hunger Games over the weekend. My son Sid wanted to go for it because he had read all the three books. He loved the books and all his friends were going to watch it too. So I dragged along my daughter Aditi and her friend to the movie. I haven’t read the books at this stage nor I know anything about it. Didn’t have time to even watch or read the reviews. So I sat there and watched the movie. I was on the edge of the chair towards the end of the movie. Gosh! the subject matter of the movie is awful. I cannot imagine selecting 24 people to fight it out between themselves and the rest watching it as TV show. But the characters are awesome. Jennifer Lawrance is gorgeous and her acting is excellent. Oh! I just could not bear to see people dressed in neon colours and awful make up Yuk! I enjoyed the movie.
 So when I came home, I started reading the book. Thats when I discovered the book is amazing. Finding it hard to put the book down. Still don’t like the subject matter but it is written very well. The movie is not exactly the book but in my opinion a summary of the book I think. I don’t not mind watching movies like this to Twilight. 
So now for the card. I wanted a thank you card to send to a lovely friend who helped me ship some stamps.Today was a busy day and I didn’t have much time before I drove to the post office. I pulled out PTI Pretty Peonies stamp set and made this card.
Thank You card
Cardstocks: Stampers Select White from PTI
Stamp sets: Pretty Peonies and Inside Out Thank You
Inks: Bashful Blue from SU, Pool & Green Hills Mid Tone Shadow Ink from Hero Arts, Sage from Amuse Inks  and Stazon Black Ink
I am submitting this card for Lily Pad Blog’s Flower Challenge.
Thanks for visiting and all your wishes on my previous post.
Good Night from Australia

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14 thoughts on “THG and a card”

  1. Love these colours and the cut out for the sentiment! I loved THG books – my son saw the movie on the weekend – I'll probably wait until the dvd – movies always disappoint me! LOL!


  2. Another beautiful card today! Lucky recipient! My daughter (she's 49) read all of the books and loved them and has seen the movie twice and loved it.


  3. Beyond gorgeous! I didn't bother ordering the Ann. Set but who's sorry now? Lol. The layered stamping is wonderful. I love the paneled front with the sentiment gracefully placed in between. Such a classy crafter you are.


  4. Pretty pretty card Gayatri. I think your background is just stunning. I started reading the Hunger Games two weeks ago as my friend encouraged me to. Subject is very disturbing but I loved the books, I finished all three in two weeks. My daughter saw the movie and loved it, she is reading the books on my Kobo. I have got to see the move.


  5. This card is amazing Gayatri! Love the multi layer stamping especailly with these beauties! (postage can be super expensive to Oz and it really stops me buying certain stamps at times – lucky there are soo many others to choose from – lol)


  6. We just saw the movie a couple days ago because my oldest short person had read the book at school. It was an amazing movie but I was exhausted after it! Clever but very disconcerting story! However, your card is most beautiful!!!


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