Yay! this card of mine was featured as winner at Case Study #89 challenge. 
I am so happy and thrilled. Thanks you so much. Those neon colours are the trend at he moment atleast with fashion. I am seeing a lot of neon colour shoes on store fronts. I love bright colours and neon is a bit of an overdo but hey, they make me happy 🙂 I even bought come nice neon colour pens lol!
This is my first at Case Study challenge blog and I get to wear this badge.
Thanks for sharing my excitment 🙂 Have a great day!
See you soon.

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10 thoughts on “Featured!”

  1. Congratulations Gayatri, it was an AWESOME card. By the way, the card you sent me arrived today. Thank you so much and for the gift inside. Very much appreciated and it looks like it has done the trick because it is beautiful and sunny in Melbourne today!


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