Bragging time today:)

G’ Morning! It is Mad Monday today. After a very long day at Music Awards yesterday, I am still exhausted. Kids off to school and hubby to work. Cooking lunch at the moment. So I thought I will share some photos from Music Awards yesterday. Ready for a photo heavy post?


Siddarth got his trophy for Under18 Fretted Strings and Aditi received hers for Under 11 Piano. Aditi also came second in her singing. Both very happy. I love when they told me that it was their everyday practices that got them where they are right now. Proud parent moment:)
Normally I don’t post personal photos on my blog. But these ones are special. So Thanks for sharing my excitment:)
See you soon!

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21 thoughts on “Bragging time today:)”

  1. Congratulations to your son and daughter for their achievements. And congrats to you as the proud mother.

    I love Aditi's floral dress. I see a “card inspiration” from those flowers and colors. 🙂


  2. So happy for you and the kids. I love that they admitted it was the daily practice! That just makes all those days of “Aw, Mom, not right now, do I have to?!” worth it!


  3. Congratulations to a proud mum & your kids too, they are fantastic achievements. Love the photo of all 3 of you together & I love the pattern on the outfit your wearing! Hugs Bev x


  4. Congratulations to Siddarth and Aditi, Gayatri! Go ahead and brag, you should be proud! 🙂 I'm a proud music-Mum as well (my eldest plays piano and violin and the little one sings non-stop).


  5. Kudos to all of you! Not to take away from all the kids' hard work, but it definitely takes commitment from the whole family to get to these moments. Way to go!


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