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Gallery Idol Round #4

Hey everybody,
First of all I am so thankful to all of you who voted for me. I was not available to ask ask for votes as I am on a vacation and was on a cruise ship until couple of hours ago. Just could not afford internet. So thank you so much once again for all your support.
I am in round #4! Yippee! 
The round #4 theme was to use exactly 10 embellishments on the card. Well, I had packed a small package of craft supplies to craft on the ship. I am so glad I packed an assortment of embellishments with me:) I was able to make my card and upload using the satellite WiFi from the ship to the gallery on time:) Here is my card.
 On my card, I have stamped a nautical striped background using brush strokes stamp. Then layered 10 embellishments to create my card. The ten embellishments are inked wood veneer speech bubbles, gold edged circular label sticker, wood veneer anchor, twine, flair and enamel dots. I have kept with the nautical theme not just in the background but also using nautical embellishments and colours. I have used free style collage layout for my card. I really like how horizontal striped background is broken by the diagonal layout of the embellishments. I love the bright pop of reds, green and yellow against the navy striped background. 

Hope you like my card. If you do like it, please vote for me. 
Please visit this link and vote for me.
Thanks for stopping by! 
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12 thoughts on “Gallery Idol Round #4”

  1. I am still floored that you were able to pull this off on a cruise ship!! I have always been a fan of your work Gayatri, but this just seals the deal for me! You created an amazing project under difficult circumstances, and stayed true to who you are as a designer! It's just beyond perfect in every way, and I'm confident you'll be moving on to the next round and beyond! Best wishes and luck!!


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