Gallery Idol

Gallery Idol Round #4 Extra cards!

Hey everybody,
Sharing with you couple of more cards I made for round #4 Gallery Idol! 
This one uses 10 sequins as the embellishments.
And this is the first card I made for the 10 embellishments round for gallery idol.

I really like this card but just couldn’t photograph it well to submit. Actually both these cards, I couldn’t photograph well The one I submitted was the only came out when photographed!
Congrats to the Top 5! Excellent selection! I cannot wait to see what they make for the final round! I think we are in for a treat:)
I would like to thank all of you who had voted for me in round #4! You are the best:)
Two  more days before I head back home from my vacation. 
Then I will be back with more projects everyday very soon:)
Have a great day!

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