The making of my craftroom

As most of you know from my Facebook that my hubby gave me a craft room for my birthday. Well I wanted to tell y’all how it all came about.
 I had pinned this DIY project from Apartment Therapy on Pinterest and showed it to my husband because I thought it was a great idea. He looked at it and said, ‘Ummm, yeah!’ Not much of interest shown. I showed him many pictures I found on Pinterest and I always got the same response. He must’ve been bored of me showing him so many pictures lol! This was about 3 weeks ago. Then a week later a couple of trades people came home. My husband had an hallelujah moment and suddenly realised it was a great idea and could be done at home. He had arranged for construction to go ahead as a surprise. So the process of making a craft room began. Here is a collage picture of the process.

Craft room collage

Although it is tiny, I love this room because everything is within an arm’s reach. Mum and Dad can have the guest bedroom for themselves.  I still have to organise my supplies so that I can use the storage efficiently. I will get that done over a period of time. So excited about my space and blessed to have a supportive hubby.

Thanks for sharing my excitement.

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How I store my dies?

Warning: This post has lots and lots of photos. 
I have been rearranging my dies because I have a LOT of them. 
I wanted them organised and neatly labeled so I can find them quickly when I wanted. 
Here is how I did it. These two boxes have all my dies:)
These are CD boxes from Smiggle. Smiggle is a stationary store in Australia. I have one box full of PTI dies and the other is also full with Wplus9, MFT, Hero Arts, Memory Box and misc dies. I now need two more. Smiggle, here I come once again.


 And inside, I have them stored in CD paper covers and labelled using the electronic labeller. I bought the CD cover in bulk from a stationary shop.You can see, I have left some of the Memory Box dies as it is because their packaging is awesome.
 Here is a Wplus9 Baby Onesie die labelled.

  All dies were stored in a basket previously and finding the right die took me a long time. I love how I can just flick and find the die I want now:)

 I also store the dies in a zip lock bag inside the CD covers.Some dies come in ziplock bags but for the rest I use Gladwrap. That way the die don’t tear up the CD covers or fall out. Hero Arts dies below.

Here are all my PTI dies. I have to arrange them in alphabetical order now. I have also combined dies in one CD cover. For example, all Boy Basics dies together, Flower Fusion Flowers together. Similarly the tags, mat stacks,  leaves, flowers, fillable frames…….. That saves space and easy to find them too.

 Here are the embossing folders and impression plates in an another CD box. 
So far they nicely fit into one box. I do have a few bigger embossing folder and they are in a A5 display folder.

 Now for the border and larger dies. These are zipper pockets from Kaisercraft. They come in four different sizes. I have chosen the A6 size. All border and larger dies fit neatly inside. All I need is to buy the binder for the pockets:)


Here in one pocket I have about 15 MFT border dies.

And all the PTI larger dies, shaped dies easily fit in the pocket. And because the pockets have zippers, the dies don’t fall out.
I am so glad I spent some time and organised my dies and embossing folders. It took me two days to do it. But from now on, I only have to do the newer ones. Amazing to see how much space I have in my cupboard now. I have also organised my stamps into folders. So they are portable and each company has one or two folders. Flicking through the sleeves and finding the right stamp set is so easy. I will share some photos of them after I finalise them:)

Hope I have given you some ideas.
Thanks for visiting and have a great evening!

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Stamp organisation

I meant to do some organising, stamp especially for a very long time. It is just that I believe that the time I spend organising can be spent stamping instead. So I have delayed organising for such a long time until now. Why now? Thats is because of two reasons. First, majority of my stamps are from Papertrey Ink and they have now changed their packaging system. Secondly, I have started exploring other stamp companies and now have a decent collection which needs storage.
After so much thinking, I decided to go with Martha Stewart’s protector sheets which comes in single, two or four pockets with flaps. They also come in two sizes – 8 1/2 X 11 inches and 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. I chose the 8 1/2 X 11 inches sheets because I can get binders  here in Australia without having to ship the binders from USA. I have a lovely friend Cara from Canada who helped me buy these MS protectors from Staples and ship them to me. I bought lots of them at one go. Thanks so much Cara. What will I do without your help!  You are so sweet 🙂
I have started organising my stamp sets into the folders. I have not done PTI stamps yet because I need an entire day and some heavy acetate sheets to organise. Here are a few pictures of my stamp organisation using MS protector sheets 🙂
I have a fair number of Hero Arts Stamps and I think I need a separate binder 🙂
Even the new Clean and Simple stamps fit into it 🙂
And here are the pictures of stamps in the four pocket sheets
And another good news is that dies too fit into them. All smaller dies fit into the four pocket sheet and the bigger dies and border dies fit easily into the two pocket sheets. Although I have just organised my smaller dies using CD folders, my larger dies are still inside a box. So I am going to get the larger dies into the two pocket sheets are well.
Amazing how much space I have in my cupboard.  Love that I spent some time today organising. I still have to label them using label maker which I will do this evening in front of TV 🙂
Thanks so much for stopping by! Email me is you have any questions
Have a great day!

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My craft space!

Hello everybody, 
I don’t know about you but my Sunday and Monday flew very quickly. After Sunday afternoon lunch, life just took over and in a blink of an eye, its Monday evening. Hopefully everything will slow down now. I took some pictures of my craft space and a few cards and was able to edit them just now.
Unfortunately, I could not take pictures of my Sunday lunch and the dessert (which I had promised to show in the past post) because it was all gone by the time I could bring my camera!!! lol! Kids were hungry after they came back from swimming and within minutes all food were gone. 
But I have a picture of my craft space. I don’t have a room to myself as its a large study and my DD, my DH and myself share the room. My husband has his office, I have my craft space and my daughter has her piano in there. So here is a picture of my side of the room
Its a bit messy at the moment. Most things are within reachable distance. I bought these IKEA ALEX drawers recently. They are great and fits all my stamps, punches, embossing powders, adhesives…… There is so much space in those drawers. Love it! Next IKEA purchase will be the desk with ALEX!
Can you see my frame high up on the wall? Yes, thats the one I showed on my previous post. I have to make another similar one and hang it below this one. So its work in progress 🙂 I used to have a display canvas up there on which I displayed my cards but I wanted a change. So I took it down and put up the frame instead.
I also have a cupboard on the righthand side which has more stash in it. So thats pretty much my craft space. I don’t have much as I sold a lot recently. I used to be a scrapbooker before I converted to cardmaker. So I had a lot of pattern papers and embellishments. I used to get lost in the huge pile of stash but I am more in control with what I have.  Anyway, this is my first post on my craft space. Hopefully in a few months time, when my new house is built, I can have a craft space which I intend to make it organised and coordinated 🙂
Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

Organizing smaller dies

I have been thinking a lot about organizing my smaller dies mainly PTI and Spellbinders Nesties. When I was digging a box in the garage, I found a new photo album. I decided to use it and some of my scrap papers and magnet tape to organize the dies. Here are the pictures.

My dies were in a box previously and was so hard to go through and pick what I wanted! Now its all so handy inside a photo album. Very easy to look through and take what I want. There are heaps of space left for new dies 🙂 Similarly, I have my embossing folders and larger dies in A5 folder.

Go for a smaller photo album as the album expands when you put in the dies. I used my 100 pocket album and it is bulky when the cardstock, magnet tape and the dies are added!

Tomorrow I will share my two completed gift hampers for my kid’s teachers. Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend:)
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Make your own storage!

I have been playing with scallop envelope die from SU and have come up with a storage solution for my little reinker bottles and adhesives. There is plenty of tutorials up there in the wide web world for boxes using this die. I had decided to get the two boxes together and make a double basket with handle in the middle. My friend Amy has also made one. Check hers out here.
Here is mine.
Isn’t it cute? I love the height and the depth of this basket. Its super easy to make. Fits 6 reinker bottles each side. Also could be used to store adhesive, buttons, brads…… up to your imagination.
Cardstock: Confetti white cardstock from SU
DSP: Bella Rose fromSU
Accessories: Red Taffeta ribbon, 3 Flower punch, Scallop Envelope die,Oval punch and Red button all from SU
Hope you like it. Would love your feedback.


Buttons Buttons and more Buttons…………

 Yup, I have heaps of button in my opinion! They are soooo glamorous and I cannot get past them. I always want to store them in a way that they don’t loose their glam. Curvy jars take away the glam from the buttons. I was inspired by Dana’s pictures on the PTI forum on how she stored her buttons. She used clear trendy tubes to store them. So I bought them and look how glamorous they look.
Don’t they look gorgeous. I loove them. They are from PTI. I don’t have all the colors yet. But I have a few colors left which need the tubes. So more tubes and buttons to add to my collection.
I am trying to organise my collection of scrapbooking and cardmaking materials one by one. My stash is overflowing at the moment and my kids think any junk is for cardmaking and goes on my desk. Its like “Mummy!, I have kept something on your desk which will be useful for cardmaking”. OK!… It can be anything from a piece of string, rubberbands, any packaging material…… There is no place on the desk to work at the moment. So its time to clear and tidy and organise.Next will be the ribbons. I will have the pictures of them next week. 
Thanks for stopping by!

EDITED: This is my second post for today. Here is the link to the first one.


Some organisation tips

Here is how I organised yesterday’s card along with the recipe and the inspirational photo.First I printed off the recipe and inspirational photo of the challenge. I then printed out a mini file folder to put the card, the recipe and the photo in it. Then made a magazine holder to put the file folder in.I did not decorate or label the magazine holder yet!  Here are the pictures.

I will keep adding lots of  file folders with challenges and the cards I made for the challenges in the magazine holder.I think each magazine holder will hold three to four file folder. I will have to just label the magazine holder and thats it. Ok, I have some work to do. I will be having guests at home for dinner. I have to make some preparations for having guests at home. My husband has set up a screen and projector in the undercover area to play Wii in the evening with the guests. So its going to be a fun evening! Kids are excited and driving me crazy! I have to go now!

Have a great day. See you soon.