Wedding invitations!

Here are a couple of invitation samples I have made for an order. The client wants a simple invitation as its a casual wedding ceremony on a beach. And want the actually (lol! I did not edit did I?)  invitation inside to be loose with a magnet behind so the recipent can put it up on the fridge. And colors she wants are purple or pink with silver/pearlised white. With those in mind, I made these two. I need to make 100 of them is she chooses one from these two.
Also the client is going to print the invite from the computer and paste it on the card herself. Thats why its left blank. I like some stamped images on the corners of the invitation but since she is going to do the invite, I am limited in that aspect. I like both but feels like its not complete.You know what I mean?  I want your opinion on what more should I do? Please leave your ideas on the comment section.
Thanks in advance…

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