PTI, The Cure for Monday Blues Challenge

The Cure for Monday Blues Challenge #5

Hello everybody,
I had a sudden burst of idea this morning after I saw Taheerah’s frame it picture for The Cure for Monday Blue Challenge #5. This is the inspirational picture.
I just loved everything about this picture especially the frames and colours. But for a card, working on a smaller area, doing so many frames is just not possible unless I have a pattern paper with frames. And I don’t have one such pattern paper. Then I looked at the individual element, I liked the jars on the table, I loved the wood veneer frames, the colourful triangular thingies….  There is so many of them to get inspired by. I am inspired by the flowers and vase framed by the wood veneer frame. So here is my card.
Love card
Here is a shot of the card from above which shows some diemension,
Love card
And this shot shows some shimmer on the sentiment die cut.
Love card close up!
I love how this card turned out.
Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “The Cure for Monday Blues Challenge #5”

  1. This is just awesome Gayatri!! You're right – we're almost spoilt for choice with this inspiration image – so much to be inspired by!! I love how you focused on the flower image and the dimension you created is amazing, and all with your signature eye for colour too! Thanks so much for playing to Cure The Monday Blues!


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