Layout and Sketch

Hey everybody,

Yesterday, my internet was down. It felt like my hands were cut off. I did not realise how my I was addicted to it. Very bad.

But it freed me to do come cleaning up and massive cooking. lol!!! Aditi my DD and myself always have a tiff about her keeping her room tidy. Every week either my husband or myself tidy or help her to tidy her room. We tried our best to teach her to organise things, fold and how to keep her clothes in the cupboard and also keep her toys organised in boxes. Never happens.The room was littered with toys, clothes, papers, booking……

Recently I started telling her that if she does not keep her room tidy, I will encroach her room with my scrapbooking stuff. That happened yesterday. I spent 5 hours, cleaning her room and moving all my scrapbooking stuff into her room. She was not happy when she came back from school. But thats the consequence of not keeping her room tidy. Now there are some promises flying here and there about how she will keep her things neat and tidy and by end of 2 month I have to move out of her room!!! Lets see…lol!!!!!!

I also cut my finger yesterday. One of my glass cracked and when I tried to pick it up, I cut my finger. Did not release that a cut will severely reduce my work efficiency. Its the middle finger of the right hand and gives my sharp pain whenever somthing comes in contact with it. Nicely banaged up and lol!! you know how it looks. Use your imagination… I am not telling you. Hehehe.

Two realisation happened yesterday. 1. I am addicted to internet and 2. a cut on my finger will reduce my work efficiency. Mmmm!!! Its still hard to type you know!

Ok, now to the scrapping part. Here is my take on the Deb’s June Master Blaster challenge.You can find the details here

I have used the June Aussie Pub calls kit. Basic Grey Wisteria range papers and stickers and embellishments from the kit. If you want to receive the kit then, contact Sine from Aussie Pub Calls. Link is on the left hand top corner.

And here is the sketch of the layout.

You can use this sketch if you like it and let me know about it too.

I have something more to share with you today but will wait some more time.Watch out for the second post for today.

See you soon

2 thoughts on “Layout and Sketch”

  1. sorry to hear about your finger 😦
    I've been sick lately but just starting to get better. Love the new LO and sketch 🙂 I've still got a sketch of yours that I'm wanting to make. I'll be sure to give you the credit and post the sketch on my blog 😉


  2. Hey Gayatri

    Sorry I havent been around hun! Love the new look of your blog, best of luck too with the new ventures:):)

    Sorryt o hear about your finger, know the feeling!!! LOL at Aditi having you invade her space with scrapbooking hehehe

    Take care of yourself, speak soon.

    Mwah Angie xo


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