Leftover alphabet stickers!

Hello everybody,
I have a lots of leftover alphabet stickers from Basic Grey. I had them with me knowing that one day I will have some use for it. Well, today was the day. My daughter, Aditi is at home today. She has severe cold, nose block, slightly warm and irritable. So we sat down to do something “interesting”. According to her, making cards is “interesting”. I will agree with her too! After spending about one hour together, this is what we came up with
Aren’t they cool cards? I love them. Its a fantastic card for girl’s birthday.Aditi has two friends’s birthday coming up and she is happy to give these cards as she also made them (of course with my help!). Very proud of her achievement. Poor thing, can’t even breathe through her nose and eyes watering, but still determined to get the stickers in straight line. Love her perseverance and determination. Good for her in her future. Anyway, here is the set of cards.
Would love to hear your comments on these cards. Especially for Aditi. She is 8 years old and very interested in crafts.
Well, tomorrow I have another project to show you. So keep tunned in tomorrow early.
See you and have a nice day.

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